There's a relatively new (but safe to use, because you don't care about IE anymore) native JS method to deep-copy (also referred to as "cloning") objects: structuredClone().

For example:

myObject = {a: 1, b: {c: 2}};

// Uses one of the countless imperfect methods for copying stuff in JS.
myShallowCopy = Object.assign({}, myObject);

// You might expect this not to change myObject. Think again. :-(
myShallowCopy.b.c = 3;

// This will actually copy the object!
myDeepCopy = structuredClone(myObject);

// myObject remains intact! (well, changed by the previous buggy assignment)
myDeepCopy.b.c = 4;
Final thoughts

Perhaps now it's time to get rid of all of these. I mean, this is just the first page of the Google results!:

First page of Google results for npm packages implementing deep-copy

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